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residential electrical

Residential Electrical Services

Your home's safety is paramount, and that's why entrusting your electrical needs to professionals is a smart choice. At Amps Electrical in Auckland, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive residential electrical services without breaking the bank.

Our team's expertise spans across mains connections, home climate solutions, revamping spaces, illuminating areas, fortifying security, seamless home automation, and state-of-the-art audio-visual setups, among others.

Our electricians aren't just adept at their craft; they're also punctual, amicable, and deeply committed to excellence in every project they undertake.

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commercial electrical

Commercial Electrical Expertise

Our reputation in the commercial sphere has grown organically, largely due to the continuous endorsements and repeat engagements from our satisfied clientele — a testament to our unparalleled work quality. No commercial project is too complex for Amps Electrical. From conceptualization, design, installation to regular maintenance, we've got it covered.

Serving Auckland, Franklin, Waikato and surrounding areas, our seasoned commercial electricians are adept at meeting the multifaceted electrical, communication, and data cabling requisites of diverse commercial establishments.

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ev charger installations and setups

EV Charger Installations & Setups

Embrace the future of transportation and contribute to a greener New Zealand. Electric vehicles not only curtail travel expenses but also echo a commitment to environmental conservation. Given that a significant chunk of New Zealand's travel is within a 90 km range, having an EV home charger is a logical step.

Amps Electrical facilitates this transition, enabling you to juice up your vehicle at home at incredibly cost-effective rates. Not to mention, our home chargers are designed for rapid charging, ensuring you're always ready for the road. Embark on your eco-friendly journey with us, and witness the convenience of home charging.

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emergency service electrical

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Emergencies are unpredictable, but our response to them isn't. Day or night, rain or shine, our team stands ready to assist during any electrical mishap. Be it issues with power supply, IT disruptions, or communication system breakdowns due to unforeseen events, our 24/7 helpline ensures you're never left in the dark.

Located in areas like the North Shore, West Auckland, East Auckland, and South Auckland, our emergency electricians are always nearby and primed to act.

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cctv and security setups

CCTV & Security Setups

In today's world, securing your premises is non-negotiable. At Amps Electrical, we're always abreast of the latest advancements in security technology. As trusted specialists in home security alarms and CCTV setups, we understand the nuances of modern security needs.

Our master electricians not only install but also offer insights into optimal placement for maximum coverage and efficacy. From basic security lights and alarms to advanced CCTV systems, our goal remains unwavering: safeguarding your property and loved ones from potential threats.

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maintenance and renovations electrical

Maintenance & Renovations

Proactive maintenance and timely renovations can prolong the life of your electrical systems and infrastructure. At Amps Electrical, our proficiency isn't limited to just installations. We actively collaborate with businesses, facility managers, and homeowners to ensure all electrical systems are up-to-date, safe, and compliant with the latest regulations.

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new construction electrical

New Construction Electrical Services

Crafting a new space? Let Amps Electrical infuse it with impeccable electrical design and execution. Our passion for new projects is evident in our holistic solutions that cover every facet, from foundational wiring to the final aesthetic touches. Builders and project managers in Auckland trust our comprehensive expertise, which encompasses everything from lighting layouts, security provisions, climate control, and even outdoor installations. Entrust us with your vision, and watch our seasoned electricians bring it to electrifying life.

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subdivisions electrical

Subdivision Electrical Planning

Amps Electrical takes pride in its extensive involvement in numerous subdivision projects across Auckland. If you're venturing into a subdivision plan, our expert team ensures a holistic network installation. We not only establish power connections for individual residences but also undertake powering street lights, embedding underground fibre, and managing utilities like water and gas.

With every project, industry standards and stringent health & safety protocols remain paramount. As we conclude, residents can expect to have a contemporary, future-ready infrastructure. Engage us right from the initial thought process to the eventual design and implementation; our early involvement often identifies and mitigates potential challenges, preventing expensive rectifications.

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solar panel installation

Solar Panel Advisory & Installation

Harness the power of the sun with Amps Electrical's exceptional solar panel services in Auckland, Franklin and Waikato regions. Experience immediate savings and the joy of self-generating power, all while making a significant dent in your monthly electricity bills. With solar panels, you not only secure a predictable electricity rate but also enhance the value of your property, making it more attractive in the resale market. In choosing solar, you contribute to New Zealand's sustainability goals, cutting down carbon emissions and endorsing cleaner energy sources.

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property management electrical

Property Management Electrical Solutions

Amps Electrical offers steadfast, prompt services to landlords and property managers in Auckland, Franklin and Waikato regions. Recognising the urgency of electrical needs, we pledge swift, efficient, and hassle-free responses, ensuring minimal disruption to both landlords and tenants. Our reputation as experts in collaborating with property managers ensures top-notch, timely electrical maintenance across various properties.

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home heating and heat pump systems

Home Heating & Heat Pump Systems

New Zealand's inclination towards heat pumps is evident, and Amps Electrical is at the forefront of this transformation. Over the past decade and a half, the surge in heat pump installations across Auckland homes signifies their efficiency and popularity. The advantages are manifold: energy savings, reduced maintenance compared to traditional heaters, year-round utility, and impressive durability.

The installation costs can vary based on your home's size, any required ducting, and the specific heat pump model. Engage with our certified electricians for a tailored consultation and an accurate quote.

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home ventilation electrical

Home Ventilation Solutions

Breathe fresher with the advanced ventilation solutions offered by Amps Electrical. The SmartVent system exemplifies the pinnacle of home ventilation, ensuring a consistent flow of fresh air and eliminating damp, stale air. Designed to maintain a healthy living ambiance, these systems aren't merely temperature regulators but vital components for homes, especially older Auckland residences prone to cold and condensation issues. An efficiently installed ventilation system by Amps Electrical combats cold, dampness, and mould, which are often culprits behind respiratory ailments. Additionally, a clean airflow mechanism can lead to significant power savings, optimising the energy needed to heat or cool your home.

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smart home retrofit

Smart Home Retrofit Implementations

Transform everyday living with the power of automation. Envision orchestrating daily home functions, irrespective of your location, using a single, unified system. Amps Electrical brings the future of smart living to Auckland, Franklin and Waikato regions, letting you effortlessly manage your home's lighting, temperature, audio-visual systems, and security with a touch. Tailoring to individual needs is our forte; whether it's integrating a smart TV and surround sound in your lounge or a more comprehensive home system, we have you covered. Plus, our scalable solutions mean you can always incorporate advanced features down the road.

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audio visual and home theatre

Audio-Visual & Home Theatre Integrations

Experience cinematic audio in the intimate setting of your home. Amps Electrical specialises in curating audio-visual experiences that redefine home entertainment. Whether you envision a comprehensive home theatre suite or separate components, our expertise ensures a seamless blend of technology and aesthetics. Budget constraints? Wired systems might be an option, but remember, the elegance of wireless systems eliminates cumbersome cable management. Our services span from surround sound setups and home theatre system guidance to installation, network integration, and even maintenance. Let us be your partner in crafting audio magic.

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data cabling and networking

Data Cabling & Networking Solutions

Empower your Auckland, Franklin or Waikato residence or business with impeccable data and communication solutions. At Amps Electrical, we understand that in this digital age, efficient cabling networks are the backbone of any modern establishment, be it commercial spaces or apartment complexes. Our holistic approach covers every aspect: from utilising state-of-the-art tools for cost-effective network installations to meticulous maintenance. In partnership with trusted industry leaders, we're committed to recommending and implementing the finest data cabling and avant-garde technology. With proficiency in CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, and fibre optic cabling, you can expect streamlined installations and top-notch efficiency.

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hazardous area electrical

Hazardous Area Electrical Services

Amps Electrical boasts certified electricians with a rich skill set tailored for varied hazardous and industrial tasks. Whether it's straightforward installations, compliance required for electrical instllations in potentially hazardous areas, or diagnosing and rectifying workflow glitches, our emphasis remains on delivering solutions that are both economically efficient and enduring. We're flexible too, offering our services on an as-needed basis or under a contractual arrangement.

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